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25 Jan 2023

5 Reasons Why Amazon Sellers Must Have Their Own Website

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If you sell on Amazon, you already have access to one of the world’s largest e-commerce marketplaces. With Amazon doing the bulk of the work for you, all you have to do is source your products, brand them, and you’re marketing your products all over the world.

Amazon has been a boon to entrepreneurs who have great ideas and products but lack the means to share them with the rest of the world. Another advantage for sellers on Amazon is that it allows you to display your products alongside top brands from around world.

But here’s the catch.

When a customer purchases on any marketplace, particularly Amazon, they do not attribute the purchase to an individual seller. In most of the customer’s eyes, they purchase from Amazon. Consider this: how many times do you tell your friends or family the brand name when you buy a new product? Instead, you simply state that you purchased it from Amazon. While this may not be entirely true for prominent brands, it is certainly true for private labels.

Therefore, having your own your website helps you to spread awareness about your brand as well as diversify your online presence. Also, it safeguards your brand from being dependent on any marketplace with their whims and fancies.

If you are an entrepreneur and your products are doing wonders on Amazon, here are a few reasons why you should still have your own website.

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Freedom & Flexibility

Brand owners who have experience selling on Amazon understand that Amazon is the most customer-centric company in the world. However, this causes them to put tremendous pressure on third-party sellers, and your seller account may be suspended or revoked through no fault of your own. With such a large customer base, there are bound to be individuals who take advantage of Amazon’s customer-friendly policies. Sometimes it’s buyer’s remorse, other times it’s a lack of understanding of how a product works, but if a customer complains about your product, even if that complaint would be dismissed in a rational world, it can lead to account suspension on Amazon. Therefore, a website provides you the flexibility to run your company anyway you see fit. You can set your own rules and regulations and avoid getting stuck with inventory with no means of selling it.

Search Engine Optimization

It is essentially impossible for your products to appear in Google results unless you are the owner of a well-known brand or have a significant Amazon presence. Instead of waiting for the products to appear on Google’s first page via Amazon, it is far simpler for sellers to run advertising on the search engine. However, you can blog about your goods and services on your own website, which will aid in bringing in excellent organic traffic. You can publish content that your brand offers and is relevant to your potential customers.


While marketplaces do give you the option of keywords and content for your listings, however it is fairly limited. Also, these marketplaces may bring you in a lot of customers, but hardly any recurring ones. Even if they appreciated the quality of your products when they bought it, customers who frequent these websites would always hunt for the best offers or the heavily discounted products.

The more powerful your website’s presence is on search engines, the more it will aid you in building a loyal following. In addition to improving your visibility, SEO can help you maintain a constant presence in the minds of your existing customers. Although SEO takes a little longer to show results, the long-term advantages make it worthwhile.

Personalization & a Better Relationship with Customers

Even though Amazon gives you access to a substantial customer database, you are without any means of getting in touch with them. You are not allowed to request that they visit your website, follow you on social media, or have any of their orders customized to their liking. To prevent the seller from luring their consumer away from them, Amazon makes sure that there is a layer of separation between the customer and the vendor.

You can engage with your customers however you like without being constrained if you have your own website. You can give them a call, inquire about any modification they desire for their order, and provide incentives to win over new clients. Additionally, when a consumer makes a purchase from your website, you have access to their information, which can be utilized to keep them informed about new products, offers, events, discounts and other announcements, further solidifying your relationship with them.

Your customers know that if you run a small or mid-sized firm, they won’t have to go through the hassle of automation in order to contact you. They will speak with a real person who has the capacity to address and comprehend their issues without having to provide scripted responses.

Brand Recognition

Who doesn’t like profit? You may make a respectable living by selling on Amazon without needing to spend any time advertising the site. However, there is something much more significant that every brand owner craves: brand recognition. You can be satisfied with selling products or you can set your eyes on a bigger goal: selling your brand. On Amazon, the majority of customers check the product’s pricing, specifications, and images before making a purchase. Most of the time, these customers are unaware of the brand name or who the seller is. By creating your own website, you can avoid being just another faceless seller.

With the help of your website, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and establish your own unique identity. Brand equity will reap you a host of benefits. Customers will have more faith in your brand, and the brand value will aid in creating an emotional bond with your clients. Furthermore, over time, brand awareness will reduce your spending on marketing and advertising and help your new product take off more quickly. People will spend more money on a brand they love and trust and will purchase from it more frequently.

No Competition

You are done with sourcing your products, branding them, listing them on Amazon and finally breathe a sigh of relief! However, it only takes a few days for you to realize that the brand you worked so hard to create is now lost among a long list of other brands.

Now, aside from wasting your time and money trying to figure out the Amazon algorithm to rank on the first page of the search results, you’ll also be pulling your hair out when you see another brand doing significantly better than you simply because they are selling subpar goods at a lower price.

Thus, a website is essential for your brand. A website for your brand ensures that you are not forced to compete with vendors selling inferior or fake goods. Your website will serve as a symbol of credibility and aid customers in making informed decisions. You won’t need to use unsavory strategies to set your products apart from those of your competitors, as you would on Amazon, because you can tell your customers what makes you unique from other brands.

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